As much as Apple fans complained when the company began launching new devices with a Lightning port that replaced the old 30-pin port, having a nice tiny connector that is still reversible was a nice change. As any Android smartphone, BlackBerry handset or Windows Phone owner can tell you, having a microUSB connector inevitably means trying to plug in your charger the wrong way at least half the time. Upcoming smartphones will no longer feature the same annoying connector, however, and we can now see the reversible USB connector of the future for the first time.

CNET on Wednesday published the first images of what closely resembles the new USB Type-C cables and ports we can all look forward to in the future. While the design is not yet finalized, the USB Implementers Forum shared the mockups created by Foxconn because the current design is not expected to change much before the new standard is released this summer.

An image showing a mockup of a USB Type-C port on a laptop follows below.