Xbox One users will soon be able to purchase a new accessory for the device, Amazon U.K. has revealed, The new device is remote that will let Xbox owners control media playback, adjust the volume and more. The “official Xbox One Media Remote” for Microsoft consoles costs £19.99 (or $33) and is listed for pre-order, with Amazon saying the accessory will be released on April 4th.

Meanwhile, only lists a similar product for the old Xbox 360, which sells for $15.47, and Amazon Canada had the Xbox One Media Remote listed as well but it has since been removed, according to The Next Web. Amazon Canada revealed a March 4th launch date for the accessory in the pulled listing. The retailer has also posted an image of the product.

The Media Remote apparently has backlit keys, according to Amazon U.K., which will illuminate as soon as the user picks it up. The retailer also says the device has soft silicone finish, without revealing other details about it.

Microsoft meanwhile has yet to confirm this Xbox One accessory.