Good news, iOS 7 jailbreakers: the team of hackers behind the Evasi0n7 jailbreak for iOS 7 has updated its software to support the latest publicly available version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Just over a week ago, Apple surprised us all with the release of iOS 7.0.5. The new software build, which is thought to be the final iOS 7 update Apple plans to issue ahead of its iOS 7.1 release, was made available only for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets in certain regions including Asia Pacific and Europe. Now, users in those regions with jailbroken handsets can finally update their phones without worrying about losing access to all those great unauthorized apps and tweaks.

Why should you care about this new jailbreak if you don’t own a phone from one of those regions? Nostalgia, if nothing else — Apple’s iOS 7.1 software has proven very difficult to crack because it addresses the exploits used by the Evasi0n7 software, so it could be quite some time before we see another jailbreak once iOS 7.1 is released.

In the meantime, jailbreakers can download Evasi0n7 1.0.5 for Windows here, and Evasi0n7 1.0.5 for Mac can be downloaded here.