Microsoft has been accused of being misleading regarding the way it has advertised the internal storage in its Surface tablets. The 64GB Surface Pro model ships with only 23GB of useable space, while the 128GB model has just 83GB of available storage. Microsoft’s bloated operating system contains a number of preloaded applications and programs that take up more than 40GB of space, and consumers are filling up their devices quicker than anticipated. It would appear the company is ready to address its critics, however.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the upcoming availability of the Surface Pro tablet in Japan with double the storage. The company has scrapped its 64GB model, and will launch both 256GB and 128GB models for ¥119,800 ($1,170) and ¥99,800 ($975), respectively. It should be noted, however, that the 256GB model will only have about 200GB of useable storage out of the box.

The Surface Pro will be available in Japan beginning June 7th with a full version of Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Business pre-loaded on the tablet.