A new report suggests that the next-generation Xbox One video game console will introduce a new way to play games with friends. According to Polygon, the system will include a function that allows a gamer to have a friend remotely take over their console to help them get through a difficult part of a game. The feature is said to rely on Skype, however it is unclear how long remote play sessions will last or if users will need to own a game in order to play it remotely on a friend’s console.

The remote play function is similar to a feature Sony showed off at its PlayStation 4 event this past February. The PlayStation 4 will include a feature that allows a friend to remotely take over a game to help get them through a rough spot. The system will also allow gamers to stream live gameplay video to friends and even let other players interact with gamers by dropping in-game items.

Polygon reported that the Xbox One’s brand new Kinect motion-sensing accessory will also be updated “within the first few months” of release to support Siri-like functions. Microsoft is said to be working on bringing two-way conversations to the device that can be utilized in a number of ways. One example given was for the Kinect to ask new gamers to introduce themselves to the system after being detected by facial recognition, at which point it will welcome them and save their information to the console.

The Xbox One is scheduled to be released this holiday season. Microsoft will announce new details about the system at the E3 conference in June.

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