When a company goes from being a leading Android vendor to posting its worst-ever earnings in just a handful of quarters, it might be time to start asking some difficult questions. Such is the case with HTC (2498), which found itself in The Financial Times’ sights this week in an article which draws attention to the fact that the company’s top management remains unchanged despite this monumental slump. Contrary to its “Quietly Brilliant” slogan, FT calls the company “not so brilliant” as chairwoman Cher Wang, CEO Peter Chou and co-founder HT Cho have all remained onboard since HTC launched in 1997. The report notes that while some minor changes have been made, rivals including Nokia (NOK) and BlackBerry (BBRY) both saw major shakeups play a large role in their respective comeback attempts. Will the new HTC One find success and help HTC’s top brass weather the storm? The next few quarters may shape the future of this small but scrappy vendor.