Hon Hai and its manufacturing subsidiary Foxconn are the subject of a bribery probe in China, the company confirmed on Wednesday. According to a statement given to The Wall Street Journal, authorities in China are investigating the alleged bribery of supply chain companies by Foxconn employees. “We are working with law-enforcement officials who we brought in to work with our own internal audit team as part of an investigation into allegations against a number of Foxconn employees related to illegal payments from supply-chain partners,” Hon Hai said in its statement. “We are also carrying out a full review of our policies and practices to identify steps we can take to strengthen such measures to further mitigate against such actions.” It is unclear how many Foxconn employees are involved in the alleged scheme. Foxconn is the world’s largest original device manufacturer, and it known most famously for building iPhones and iPads for Apple (AAPL).