Google (GOOG) may have made its name as the world’s top desktop search engine, but the company understands that its future lies elsewhere. According to Business Insider, Morgan Stanley analysts have written a new note for investors that “describes three Google executives who presented at the 2012 Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco” and who told attendees that Google now considers itself a “mobile first” company more than a desktop search engine company.

Among other things, the executives said that mobile will be the primary way that people use Google services as early as 2013, that mobile searches have grown by more than 200% so far in 2012 and that mobile YouTube traffic has grown by more than 300% in 2012. Needless to say, Google isn’t the only company trying to remake itself as a “mobile first” company as both Facebook (FB) and Yahoo (YHOO) have also stated their intentions to make mobility their primary focus.