With Bad Piggies breaking records and Angry Birds Space still holding its own, Rovio seems to be set for the time being. What’s next for the Angry Birds franchise? Rovio tweeted out a link to its Angry Birds Tumblr page showing a GIF of a bird in a Jedi robe holding a lightsaber, hinting that the disgruntled little birds will be embarking on a new adventure set in the Star Wars universe. Whether that is a new game is unclear but the official Angry Birds Tumblr says that an announcement will be made at the Times Square Toys R Us in New York City on October 8th at 8 a.m. EST. One thing is for sure, an Star Wars-themed Angry Birds game would push the franchise over the top even more and could make Angry Birds an iconic game series that rivals even Super Mario Bros.

[Via Angry Birds]