Samsung (005930) had better hope that Apple (AAPL) can’t patent screen resolutions. Engadget on Friday got a look at Samsung’s newest Series 9 laptops that made their way out to the trade show floor even though they weren’t announced as part of Samsung’s gigantic product launch earlier this week. The big news is that the new Series 9 features a 13-inch display that packs a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (221 pixels-per-inch), roughly matching the 220 pixels-per-inch display used for Apple’s new 15-inch Macbook Pro. Engadget isn’t sure if Samsung plans to release this high-resolution Windows 8 laptop anytime in the near future, however, as it reports that “there was no news on what the manufacturer will call the new display tech, further specifications, or even whether this was just a proof of concept.”


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