Mountain Lion Adoption Rate

Apple (AAPL) released the latest version of its OS X operating system, Mountain Lion, just over a month ago and it can already be found on more than 10% of all Macs according to research from ad network Chitika. Within four days of its release, Mountain Lion already accounted for 5.65% of all OS X web traffic and since then has grown steadily. On August 27th, the operating system peaked at 10.3% and is en route to surpass the growth of OS X Lion, which took three months to reach 14%. “Mountain Lion has already surpassed the 10% mark after only a single month,” Chitika noted in its report. “It’s possible that Mountain Lion’s growth will stall slightly once the post-launch excitement dies down, but should its rate of growth continue, the new OS will exceed Lion’s mark within three weeks.” The firm said that because of Mountain Lion’s new features and positive reviews, users are more inclined to adopt the operating system at a faster rate than its predecessor. A second graph follows below.