Samsung (005930) has once again been accused of copying Apple (AAPL), however this time the South Korean manufacturer didn’t knock off the company’s designs. Activist group China Labor Watch has accused Samsung of numerous labor infractions such as employing workers as young as 14 at its supplier’s factory in China. In response to the allegations, Samsung issued a statement on Tuesday in which the company revealed plans to re-inspect the factory in question, though it claims the facility had previously passed all inspections.

“Samsung Electronics has conducted two separate on-site inspections on HEG’s working conditions this year but found no irregularities on those occasions,” the company said. “Given the report, we will conduct another field survey at the earliest possible time to ensure our previous inspections have been based on full information and to take appropriate measures to correct any problems that may surface. Samsung Electronics is a company held to the highest standards of working conditions and we try to maintain that at our facilities and the facilities of partner companies around the world.”

The activist group found that along with employing underage workers, the factory’s management would physically abuse workers and it failed to treat or compensate those with work-related injuries. Employees were also allegedly forced to work excessive overtime, sometimes as much as 11 hours a day with only one meal break, in extremely dangerous conditions. Additionally, those who reported product defect were fined severely, rather than rewarded.

The CLW concluded its report by saying “working conditions at HEG are well below those general conditions in Apple’s supplier factories.”

[Via Laptop Magazine]


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