Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was going “thermonuclear war” on Adobe’s Flash platform long before he set his sights on Android. In fact, he even penned a lengthy public letter about how awful Flash was for mobile devices. In this case Jobs won, and Adobe announced late last year that it would cease development on Flash for mobile devices. On top of that, newer online video technologies are currently in the process of muscling the aging technology off the Web. Though there is certainly a stigma attached to Flash, this wasn’t always the case, and event registration platform maker Attendly on Tuesday published a quick retrospective piece on Adobe’s Flash platform on its blog. From a simple illustration program created by Jonathan Gay and Robert Tatsumi for stylus-driven tablets called SmartSketch, to the Macromedia acquisition in 1996, and on to 2005 when the torch was passed to Adobe, it’s a nice quick look at Flash that will bring a tear to nostalgic techies’ eyes.