The next version of Microsoft’s best-selling Xbox shooter, Halo, will reportedly follow a TV season structure with free daily mission episodes, according to The Guardian. 343 Studios, the game’s developer, will offer a free “Season One” of daily downloadable co-op missions following the game’s release. The first season will feature five new co-op missions each week that will continue the storyline of the main game. “A single season will run for months, not weeks,” explained Halo’s franchise development director, Frank O’Connor. “It’s a significant amount of content: both gameplay and story-wise. And the story will matter. Characters you know and love will be effected in dramatic ways, the story driving the universe forward in a meaningful way.” Microsoft has not committed to a Season Two, however O’Connor is optimistic and believes the team’s creative generosity will pay off. “We believe that players will play episodes day by day – it’s short, sharp gaming, something entirely different I think.” Halo 4 is scheduled to launch on the Xbox 360 on November 6th.