Gadget collectors and consumers looking for a high tech bathroom companion are in luck. According to anonymous industry sources speaking to DigiTimes, Hewlett-Packard’s manufacturing partners are prepping one last TouchPad run that HP will then attempt to sell off beginning in late October. The site claims HP has ordered the production of between 100,000 and 200,000 TouchPad tablets that will then be sold off at a discount. It is currently not known if HP intends to match the prices from its earlier sale, during which retailers were charging $99 for the base 16GB model and $149 for twice the storage. HP also intended to launch a 7-inch “TouchPad Go” model for which parts had been ordered from suppliers, but those plans were scrapped according to the report. HP announced during its earnings call last month that the 2-month-old TouchPad tablet would be put to sleep along with the rest of HP’s webOS hardware efforts. HP said it will keep the software platform alive, put webOS on printers and personal computers, and attempt to license it out to hardware vendors, but we’re not sure which companies HP has in mind as potential licensees. Certainly not Samsung.