A Netherlands judge has banned the sale of three Samsung smartphones deemed to be infringing on Apple patents. The Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace may no longer be marketed or sold by Samsung’s Netherlands-based companies in numerous countries across the European Union as a result of the ruling, FOSS Patents reports. The judge also noted that other Samsung devices — the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Tab 10.1v — violate Apple patents, though it is currently unclear if Samsung’s latest tablets will be banned as well. Of note, Samsung’s three Netherlands-based subsidiaries are banned from selling the devices, though South Korea-based Samsung Electronics may reportedly continue selling the phones. As Samsung reportedly uses these companies as a primary hub for European imports, FOSS Patents suggests that the company will need to rework its logistics if it wishes to continue selling these phones in Europe. Samsung’s Galaxy S, S II and Ace were found to be violated Apple patent numbers 2,058,868 and 2,098,948, which cover a method of scrolling in the UI and a method for unlocking a phone from a locked state. The full verdict will be published later today and the ban will take effect on October 13th.