Back in July of 2009, we came across an emerging start up with a terrific contacts and communications management solution we thought might rival Xobni’s product. Sensobi’s app was just a beta at the time, but we were so impressed with the app’s improvements over the standard BlackBerry contacts app that we wanted our readers to have a taste as well. We gave away some beta invites and it turned out we were right — readers were just as impressed with Sensobi as we were. Less than two years later, Sensobi’s founders reached out to let us know the company has been acquired by GroupMe. We congratulated them, of course, and they couldn’t say enough about all of the amazing feedback BGR readers had provided to them over the years. As a thank you, Sensobi insisted that we giveaway 500 free copies of Sensobi Contacts Pro before the new version is released to the general public. The app is well worth the $9.99 retail price in BlackBerry App World, we think, but nothing beats free. So, BlackBerry users, click the read link below from your BlackBerry smartphone to install Sensobi Contacts Pro — the first 500 clicks will score a free copy! If you miss it, check out the free and paid versions of Sensobi Contacts in BlackBerry App World.