In Apple’s earnings report released on Wednesday, the firm noted that it shipped 4.69 million iPad units during the second quarter — down from the 7.33 million it shipped the quarter prior. Apple’s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, has said that the iPad sales suffered due to backlogs but that the firm is pleased with manufacturing and expects to build “very large number of iPads” this quarter. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with Concorde Securities, attributed last quarter’s decline to Apple’s transition from the first generation iPad to the iPad 2 and thinks that iPad shipments will do a full 180 during the third quarter. Kuo estimates that shipments of the iPad 2 will “[jump] over 100% sequentially” in Q3 as Apple introduces the device to store shelves in 13 new countries. If you’re wondering which hue — black or white — has sold better, the answer is white. 60% to 65% of the sales for Apple’s second generation tablet were white iPad 2 units, Kuo said.