Analyst Horace Dediu on Tuesday uncovered figures Apple provided in a recent legal complaint against Samsung that may give us a preview of iOS device performance in the second quarter of Apple’s fiscal 2011. Within Apple’s filing, the company states, “As of March 2011, more than 108 million iPhones had been sold worldwide.” It goes on to say, “By March 2011, Apple had sold over 60 million [iPod touch] units,” and, “By March 2011, Apple sold over 19 million iPads.” Dediu uses these figures along with knowledge of Apple’s previously reported sales numbers to estimate that the company may have sold a minimum of 18.1 million iPhones, 4.5 million iPod touch units and 4.2 million iPads in its fiscal second quarter. While these numbers are anything but scientific, the iPhone and iPod touch figures are in line with analyst estimates. Apple’s iPad numbers, however, are extremely low compared to analyst estimates for the quarter, which range from 6 to 8 million iPads. Dediu notes that despite the potential miss on iPad sales, Apple is still poised to beat The Street’s EPS consensus.