Ok, let’s not get too excited just yet… this one is kind of a stretch. The current generation of Apple’s magical iPad tablet was announced on January 27th — a Wednesday. Icons representing the iPad, seen above on the left, show “27” as the date on the calendar. Apple’s latest iOS beta, however, includes a new icon for the iPad that shows a “9” on the calendar app. As it happens, February 9th lines up pretty well with earlier rumors and we all know a second-generation iPad announcement is imminent at this point. Oh, and the 9th is also a Wednesday. Would Apple be playful enough to lob a clue like this out to the masses? It would be uncharacteristic indeed, but crazier things have certainly happened.

UPDATE: BGR reader Tim points out that the the current publicly available iOS software on the iPad also shows a “9” on the iPad’s calendar icon when you change the wallpaper. As such, we can safely call this rumor debunked.

[Via 9 to 5 Mac]