The image Sony Ericsson chose to place atop its MWC event invitation could be quite telling. While the world waits impatiently for the PlayStation Phone — which may launch as the Xperia Play — Sony Ericsson is preparing to introduce new members of its Xperia line on February 13th ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress show. That should be great news, but unfortunately it appears as though Sony Ericsson has something other than its PS phone in store. The trendy young woman seen on the event invite could certainly be a beast of a gamer, but we doubt that’s the message Sony Ericsson is looking to convey with this pic. As such, it looks like we may be in store for another round of social network-friendly phones geared toward the young professional demographic. We’re happy to see some nice new social kit of course; maybe even with revamped versions of TimeScape and MediaScape in tow. We would be lying, however, if we didn’t say we’d rather see the gaming goliath everyone has been anxiously awaiting. Then again, perhaps Sony Ericsson will surprise us all and unveil its first PlayStation-friendly phone at CES next month.