Palm confirmed on Thursday that the rollout of  webOS 1.4.5 has stalled after discovering a programming error that caused some PDK applications to crash. After releasing webOS 1.4.5 to O2 Germany and SFR in France, customers began reporting that their PDK-based applications, mostly games, were crashing. Palm halted the rollout of webOS 1.4.5, investigated the problem, and discovered that webOS 1.4.5 did not update a key system file, “/etc/fstab.” As a result, the “/media/internal drive” is viewed as read-only by PDK applications, a situation which causes the apps to throw an error when they require a storage location that is read and write-enabled, not read-only. Despite the presence of this error, Palm has decided not to delay the update any longer and is going to roll out webOS 1.4.5 in its current state. Palm confirmed that it is working on a fix but it will not be available until the next version of webOS is released. Application developers whose apps are affected by this bug are encouraged to re-write their apps to store game data in another location. Wow.