While we wait patiently for the 27th to see how the recession treated Big Red this past quarter, Verizon has issued its first little taste of Q2: 1.1 million net subscriber additions. The number is very respectable of course, though it falls short of the 1.4 million reeled in by AT&T over the same period of time. As of the end of Q2, Verizon Wireless is now home to a total of 87.7 million subscribers — 87.7 meeeeeeeeellion. 85.2 million of Verizon’s total subscriber base signed on directly with VZW as opposed to signing up through a reseller. So what have we learned? Verizon is most definitely still top dog where subscriber count is concerned, but whether or not the carrier managed to dig deep enough into the pockets of said customer base and pull out a solid Q2 will be a mystery for another few days.