What’s better than a picture of a sexy black Nokia E71x headed to AT&T this month? A picture of four sexy black Nokia E71x’s headed to AT&T this month, of course. Since we scooped it like grandma’s mashed potatoes back in November, S60 fans have been clamoring for the AT&T-branded E71 and the wait is almost over. Units are currently arriving at AT&T stores across the country and one of our ninjas managed to wrangle up a flock of them fresh off the truck for a photo shoot that would make Sports Illustrated proud. In terms of release details, everything is apparently still on track for a March 24th release — as in, next Tuesday — and pricing looks to be set at $199.99 after rebate; not bad for what is undoubtedly still one of the slimmest, sexiest QWERTY smartphones around, despite its age. Better late than never, right? Hit the jump for more pics including a handful of comparison shots with an iPhone 3G.

Thanks, iBold!