We know it’s on its way and that and should be released in Germany within the month but for those eagerly awaiting the release of BlackBerry 8900 Curve in the Americas – with a particular emphasis placed upon the Bold-less souls of T-Mobile – the latest Curve-related gaffe is a bit more than careless and cruel. Rogers has listed the 8900 on its games download site which is a peculiar and presumed error since it doesn’t even list the 8220 Pearl Flip which was announced on the 4th of this month. Perhaps someone made an error and meant to list the 8220, but the fact still remains that the yet to be official 8900 is in the web system and that is a good sign for consumers. As for possible release dates, rumors are flying around that T-Mobile USA is hoping to have the 8900 ready to cash in on what will surely be a Black Friday for the ages while Rogers is a lot more up in the air with a launch just after T-Mobile or in very early 2009.