If anyone was wondering why Take Two Interactive recently refused EA’s $2 billion acquisition offer, this should clear things up for you. Week one sales figures are in for Take Two’s recently-released and oh so highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV and to say the game is a success is an understatement. In the first seven days of the game’s availability, GTA IV raked in over $500 million in international sales. Yes, that’s a five with eight zeros after it; a solid percentage over the $350 – $400 million that was being predicted. With over 3.6 million copies sold on the first day of the game’s availability and a grand total of over 6 million units sold as of yesterday, Take Two’s latest gem even exceeded Halo 3 figures in both first day and first week sales. Perhaps equally as impressive is the fact that takers are overwhelmingly impressed with GTA IV and buyer’s remorse is almost non-existent from what we’re reading. Nice job Take Two… Fight the power. It this doesn’t shut shareholders up, we’re not sure what will.