The greatest thing to happen to Microsoft Outlook since – well, since ever, has just been made available to the public. We’ve mentioned Xobni’s Outlook plug-in a few times here on BGR but if you missed it for whatever reason, Insight is essentially a plug-in that adds lightning-fast searches, social functionality and a variety of other features to Outlook. Rejoice! Xobni just announced that its Insight plug-in is now available to the public. The public beta was announced yesterday and media buzz is already swimming in full force, including a great feature in the New York Times. Oh Microsoft, you’ve missed the boat yet again it would seem. Microsoft has been trying to acquire Xobni for quite some time and as has become commonplace for the software giant, it couldn’t seal the deal. All hopes of snagging Xobni on the cheap are pretty much out the window now. If Microsoft does decide to continue pursuing Xobni, it’ll have to offer quite a premium at this point. We don’t see Xobni slowing down any time soon.