Sometimes audiophiles have a difficult and important choice to make: Is it better to look good, or to sound good? Sony’s PFR-V1 headphones do their best to make this choice more difficult than ever before. The unique design of these ultra high-end Sony phones is about as close as you can get to mobilizing the full-size speaker listening experience without strapping a pair of Von Schweikerts to your head. The problem? Rock them in public and you’ll probably look just about as ridiculous as you would if you strapped a pair of Von Schweikerts to your head. The PFR-V1’s position a pair of high quality 1-inch, die-cast aluminum speakers about a half-inch outside of your ears beneath the temples. The design allows mid and high frequencies to be projected directly into the outer ear at the proper angle. In addition, "extended bass reflex tubes" are positioned just inside the ear canal to drive low frequencies directly to the ear drum. Sounds pretty intense, no? The Sony PFR-V1 headphones are due to hit US shores in April and will run you about $500.