ROKR hasn’t been a particularly successful brand for the rumors-magnet that Motorola’s handset segment has become of late. A brief stint with iTunes, some reworked design attempts; it seemed nothing would bring the ROKR much success. Motorola’s latest incarnation dubbed ROKR E8 however, could be just what the doctor ordered to turn the tides for the struggling handset manufacturer. We’ve seen and read plenty about the new ROKR; 2GB of internal memory, A2DP and 3.5mm audio port, full HTML browser, "Real Audio (RA) v10 Microsoft music ecosystem" and of course the extremely unique keypad. The E8 sports Motorola’s first haptic touchpad design which provides vibrating tactile feedback as the user touches each virtual key. It also features a FastScroll touch-sensitive navigation wheel and ModeShift lighting which reconfigures illuminated button labels as different areas of the UI are accessed. It really is a well-designed handset. T-Mobile seems to agree and word on the street is that they’ve picked it up for US distribution. No word yet on pricing or availability, but we can definitely see this device having some good success amongst younger consumers in the US.