We’ve been telling you about BlackBerry Unite! for a while now and it looks like the wait continues for stateside BlackBerry users. First launched back in October with Spanish Carrier Telefonica, Unite! essentially turns your home PC into a BlackBerry server. Rather than rely on a RIM server, Unite! allows users to install free software on a home PC and bypass RIM servers all together. Unite! also allows users to manage and share photos and other media files across devices. The bad news? Thus far at Mobile World Congress RIM has mentioned Germany and a few other countries that will gain access to Unite! this year, but no mention has been made of the US. Further RIM-related news from Mobile World Congress comes from Alcatel-Lucent, which has announced a new prepaid solution for BlackBerry. Their solution, currently in the early stages of development, would fully integrate with existing carrier network equipment and facilitate a complete range of prepaid services. Most notably, the solution will support prepaid email and track volume in real time to appropriately and instantly deplete the user’s balance. Once released, Alcatel-Lucent’s prepaid solution will open a wide range of potential new business that had previously been inaccessible to RIM.