If you have a Symbian or Windows Mobile device and you aren’t using this app, well we suppose that’s ok if you don’t have any friends. If you do have a need to communicate with the outside world though, we definitely recommend that you check out fring. The application provides Instant Messaging via Skype, MSN, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo, ICQ and its own platform. You’ve also got VoIP through Skype (yes, Skype VoIP over your data connection – no callback nonsense), any SIP provider and the fring VoIP platform. Fring is already packed full of features that no similar app can boast, such as seamless switching between WiFi and 3G / 3.5G / EDGE without VoIP call interruption, and they’ve recently added some new functionality that makes fring even more attractive. Most notably, integrated file transfers between handsets or even between fring and PC. Yep, use your handset to send and receive audio files, video files, pictures or anything else for that matter. The file transfer feature is currently available via fring’s IM platform and the MSN platform with more to come. No other application brings such a PC-style IM experience to a mobile handset; the latest version even includes new indications that notifies you when your buddy is typing a new message. Oh, and did we mention that it’s 100% free?