Imagine a world where public advertising is actually something you are entertained by and interested in, as opposed to something you have become numb to and therefore rarely even notice anymore. Orange has enlisted advertising agency The Alternative to give customers what is probably the most entertaining public ad rig we’ve seen. Located in the front window of Orange’s Carnaby Street shop in London, The Alternative’s setup combines a large projected display with motion capture technology to suck in onlookers like nothing before. Passers-by can gesture at the screen to control its contents in order to play music videos, read news stories and more. Even people on the street who aren’t interested in the shop and who might have missed a new ad display will be reeled in. Anyone would be hard-pressed to ignore the person standing out front, flailing their hands around to see how fast he can virtually toss objects around the screen. It remains to be seen whether this great setup will spark sales in Orange’s shop, or simply spawn more loitering than a Kevin Smith film. Either way it’s a great use of technology and and an attention-grabber for sure.