If you have an iPhone and you love your mobile internet, you might want to start crossing your fingers or invest in cellular voodoo spells. According to Arbor Networks, you’re very likely to meet a hacker through your phone sometime during 2008. But before you start thinking that it’s just the voice of a hater, this claim is backed up by the director of security from nCircle Security (seriously, what’s with all the lowercase first letters?). They say that going after the new big thing, such as the iPhone, is basic hacker mentality, and the new SDK developer’s kit will just help hackers hide malware in the flood of 3rd party apps coming soon. The iPhone has already been proven vulnerable through a bug in the TIFF images, so a fast spreading malicious worm isn’t an implausible scenario. And just when you had stopped believing in the boogeyman, the scare stories just get that much more real.