Apparently the Best New Phone Honour at CES 2008 is nothing but a beauty pageant. And SKY’s IM-U200 is the beauty queen. But looks are shallow, because IM-U200 is a gorgeous phone, but it’s nothing but a gorgeous phone. Everything else is average at best. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a MP3-player. So rocking a 2 inch 320×240 pixel TFT screen is about the sharpest feature. Odd since SKY is Pantech, and we expect unusual things like bone conduction or a teleporter, when something is associated with Pantech. Then we don’t care, if we can’t have it, we just really like that it’s out there. We can’t have the IM-U200 either, since it’s Korean only, but would we really spend $550 on something that has nothing to offer besides looking good next to us in a high priced restaurant? Here a no would be in order, and that’s without the profanity.