Shopping for a phone is as exciting as ever. New features like WiFi, music, video, and better cameras also make the task of finding the perfect handset difficult. Adding new handsets will only make things better worse. Hot on the heels of GPS-clad 3G offerings from the likes of HTC and Nokia, Mio is looking to get in the game. Their entrant? A 3G GPS-enabled phone due out sometime late in 2008. What may set them apart are new features such as photo-navigation, real-time traffic updates (sweet!), and even Location-based services so you can get spammed by the latest specials. Speculation is that Mio is not alone, with some suggesting that Garmin is about to get into the game, as well. We just hope that these GPS-makers, while good at what they do, don’t skimp on the features that make a phone…well…a phone.