We didn’t see this one coming at all. As per the terms of a recent class-action lawsuit, Sprint-Nextel has begun to unlock its phones for use on other carriers. Unlocking is common practice in the GSM world, but this is the first time that an American CDMA wireless company has agreed to unlock their hardware. This process will theoretically allow unlocked Sprint phones to work on other CDMA networks, including Verizon, but it remains to be seen if Verizon and other carriers will allow the use of foreign hardware on their radio waves. Sprint will also allow unlocked phones from other providers to function as Sprint handsets. The company has already begun the process, and is currently training its employees on the finer details. While this doesn’t quite allow the same level of freedom as an unlocked GSM phone, it’s still great news for anyone feeling trapped with their current CDMA provider. Nice job, Sprint.