Samsung to re-release the Q1 in the 2H 2010?

Samsung is resurrecting the ghost of the Q1 and planning to jump into the now-hot slate PC market in the second half of 2010. According to Emmanuele Silanesu, National Product and Marketing Manager >>

Sony VAIO P giveaway!

Yes, yes, y’all! Another BGR giveaway weekend extravaganza. Ok, that was a bit much, but we’ve just got a hold of Sony’s latest and greatest (and only, really) ultra-portable on Friday and we’re >>

OQO + Garmin GPS solution review

You might have seen us post something on the new Garmin GPS solution for the OQO model 02. It’s a great concept and we’ve had the opportunity of reviewing it recently. If you >>

Samsung prepping new Q1

Hate it or love it, Samsung has been relatively successful with their Q1 line of ultra mobile PCs. Currently in its second revision, the computer has a loyal cadre of devoted followers. The >>