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Samsung working on "unbreakable" AMOLED displays

What’s going to be harder to get than a Samsung Super AMOLED display? An unbreakable Samsung AMOLED display of course! is reporting that within the next two years Samsung is aiming to >>

HTC EVO 4G delays hurting Sprint's 4G strategy

While speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was quoted as saying, “we thought we would have more of a head start than we’ll end up having.” The CEO was >>

Nokia sues top LCD makers over alleged price fixing

In the future, the cost of your next smartphone might decrease by a few pennies thanks to a new lawsuit brought on by Nokia against some of the world’s largest LCD manufactures. Filed >>

LG creates new monitor to shun snooping eyes

Have you ever been caught checking your Facebook at work and had your boss giving you the evil eye? Or perhaps you were working on your soon-to-be-huge screenplay at Starbucks and the girls >>

ViewSonic unveils new 120Hz monitor. Is it really that good?

Recently at the NVISION2008 conference, ViewSonic unveiled a 22 inch 120Hz monitor targeted at gaming and digital entertainment. The prototype monitor promises blur-free performance and a 3D viewing experience for games, motion video >>