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Motorola i465, iDEN with a QWERTY keyboard

If you are a texting fiend on an iDEN carrier, Motorola has an upcoming phone that will provide relief for your tired T9 typing fingers. Sometime in 2009 Motorola is expected to release >>

Motorola i9 coming soon to Boost Mobile

At this point, provided you live in an area well-covered by Sprint Nextel’s iDEN network, mobile users who don’t have a requirement for a smartphone might be considered crazy not to take advantage >>

Sprint’s BlackBerry 8350i in the woods

For those of you clinging to your iDEN network with dear life, you probably never thought this day would come. Well, it has, and we’ve got some live pictures of Sprint’s BlackBerry 8350i. >>

Sprint Blackberry Curve 8350i sign-up page goes live

All you Sprint iDEN users that are clinging to your aging Blackberry 7100i may want to head over to Sprint’s website and sign up to receive availability information on the upcoming Sprint Blackberry >>