BlackBerry Bold 9930 News

Sprint's BlackBerry Bold 9930 just $199.99 online

Sprint has never been known to follow convention. While other carriers are milking heavy data users for as much as possible, for example, Sprint is standing strong and maintaining its unlimited data plans >>

BlackBerry Bold 9900 won’t launch until September

BlackBerry fans will just have to keep waiting for the company’s latest and greatest handset. We have confirmed with multiple sources that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 won’t be launching until September globally. While >>

BGR Interview: Sprint’s VP of Product Development, Fared Adib

We recently had a chance to speak with Sprint’s Vice President of Product┬áDevelopment, Fared Adib, about Sprint’s upcoming devices, product┬ástrategy, and a whole lot more. Interested in Sprint’s thoughts on unlimited┬áversus capped or >>