Android 2.1 News, page 3

Motorola adjusts its Android update schedule

Maybe we lead incredibly sheltered lives, but one of the worst things we can think of is not knowing when our Android smartphone will be bumped up to the latest OS. Thankfully companies >>

50% of Android devices are running version 2.1

Google likes to keep a close eye on what percentage of its mobile OS, by version number, is out in the wild. Google accomplishes this chore by polling Android devices that check-in to >>

Samsung Galaxy S pawed and videoed

Anxiously awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S? Still have questions? Excellent. It looks like the folks from Engadget hopped across the pond to get their dirty little mits on shiny, new >>

Motorola's Droid X gets a thorough hands on

Whoops. Looks like Motorola and Verizon’s corporate security team will be busier than normal tonight, as Engadget has posted a thorough hands on with the highly-anticipated smartphone. We don’t want to steal anyone’s >>

Nexus One hacked to support 720p video recording

The Nexus One’s inability to record videos in HD has always been a bit of annoyance, but thanks to a member of the xda-developers community, 720p video recording is now a go on >>

T-Mobile rumored to launch Samsung Galaxy S on July 21st

It’s been long established (albeit unofficially) that T-Mobile will launch the Samsung Galaxy S, but a timeframe for release has always eluded us. That is until one of TmoNews’ tipsters threw their hat >>