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Samsung's Galaxy S all but confirmed for life with T-Mobile

Samsung and T-Mobile might as well just let the cat out of the bag and announce they’re banding together for the launch of the Galaxy S. While watching it get fondled by Howard Choi on YouTube, we couldn’t help but note two things: 1) It’s model number was listed as the SGH-T959 (a dead giveaway), and 2) the appearance of several T-Mobile-related service icons. As we mentioned before, T-Mobile has yet to publicly say anything about the Galaxy S, so we’ll just have to sit tight in the event that until it does. If T-Mo had any brains whatsoever, they’d get this thing to market ASAP so it can do battle with the BlackBerry 9800, DROID Incredible, EVO 4G, and next-gen iPhone. Check out the video after… you know where.

[Via TmoNews]