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Acer unveils its first 3D laptop

Earlier this week, we wondered aloud why Acer might announce new tablets and a smartphone prior to naming said devices. Today, we have our answer. Behold… the Acer AS5745DG-A54E/L. If that name doesn’t >>

Microsoft acquires Canesta, 3D gesture controls are a go

Canesta, a company specializing in motion-sensing and 3D gesture controls, have just announced that they are being acquired by Microsoft; a deal that is expected to be finalized by the end of 2010. Canesta was >>

CES 2010 Wrap Up Podcast!

We wanted to do something special for the end of CES 2010, so we’ve recorded a nice little wrap up of most of the mobile content we saw as well as some other >>

NVIDIA unveils the next generation Tegra processor

NVIDIA unveiled the next generation of its Tegra mobile processor at CES yesterday, promising to deliver tablets, smartbooks and smartphones with a blazing web browsing experience, HD video, Flash 10 support and multi-day >>