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MS Live Labs Creates Photosynth, make your own 3D panoramic images

Updated 4 years ago
Published Aug 23rd, 2008 5:28PM EDT

Hot out of the Microsoft labs is a new web service called Photosynth. In short, it allows users to create panoramic images using their own 2-dimensional photographs. The really neat thing is that these images won’t be your standard, boring, linear panoramic displays. Instead, the effect will be like a real 360-degree rendering of the pictures and location. Imagine yourself at a piazza in Rome twirling around like some love-drunk fool taking in the romantic sights and landmarks… We guess it’s kinda like that. Or you can take a look at the New York Times’ image of the Water Cube in Beijing.

Even though the technology isn’t new, it isn’t just for professionals or digital artists anymore. So far, the quality isn’t quite as good as professional-grade work but we have to say, this is a pretty good start. Once Microsoft refines this new software and service, Facebook and MySpace will never be the same! If this thing really takes off, it can be an exciting new piece of technology and will likely enhance business and social networking, too. Imagine being able to slap images like these on Twitter and having them geotagged, or giving a 3D tour of your office or facility without having to hire a 3D artist and Flash developer for your site. See, Microsoft doesn’t waste money frivolously…