When Microsoft finally takes over Nokia’s ailing phone business in the coming weeks, it’s going to have a slew of new smartphones to account for. Beyond the many recent announcements out of Nokia — including a handful of Android phones that launched recently — it looks like at least two more Nokia smartphones will debut in less than two weeks.

My Nokia Blog on Thursday reported that two brand new Nokia phones will debut on April 2nd, the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build developers conference. According to the report, one will be the Lumia 930 and the second will be the much-rumored Lumia 630.

Despite learning the information from a person it refers to as a “trusted source,” the blog has curiously labeled the information as a rumor.

According to separate reports, the Lumia 630 will be an entry-level device targeting emerging markets. The Lumia 930 is expected to be a higher-end phone with a 5-inch high-definition display, a quad-core Snapdragon processor and a high-resolution camera.

Both new phones will likely be powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 software, which is expected to be unveiled on April 2nd as well.