If you’re worried about little Timmy moving away and going to a big scary college with drinking, parties, and all kinds of tomfoolery, maybe he’ll just be too distracted with his new iPhone 3G to notice?. Abilene Christian University (probably a place where the aforementioned hedonism doesn’t take place) has just given their incoming Freshmen the option to choose between the new iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. Lucky! The devices come with custom apps, presumably from the school to help “academics and studying.” Here is what they say:

“The hardware is part of the Texas university’s pilot mobile learning project, which has been gestating for over a year. About 650 first-year students chose the iPhone, and about 300 the iPod Touch, which is a very similar device but without the 3G radio (both devices incorporate an 802.11g Wi-Fi adapter). ACU pays for the hardware, student (or their parents) select and pay for their monthly AT&T service plan.”

Not too shabby if mommy and daddy don’t mind shelling out over $100 a month for your phone bill!