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Royalties News

Microsoft’s Windows Phone dowry to net Nokia billions

Nokia’s fourth-quarter earnings report painted a grim picture of the Finnish phone maker’s business last quarter, but amid the red numbers peppered throughout Nokia’s earnings release, the high-level terms of its agreement with >>

Samsung to pay Microsoft royalties on Android device sales

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it has signed a cross-licensing agreement with Samsung. As a result, will pay Microsoft royalties for its Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Additionally, Microsoft said the two firms will continue >>

Microsoft continues to profit off Android

While sales of Microsoft’s burgeoning Windows Phone platform lag, the company continues to find significant revenue streams elsewhere in the mobile industry. Specifically, Google’s Android partners have proven to be an invaluable asset for >>

Muxtape Takes Fire from the RIAA

It looks like the big guys aren’t the only ones feeling the wrath of the RIAA these days, and it’s only bound to get worse. Muxtape, a service that allows users to upload >>