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Live from Sprint’s ‘Strategy Update’ event!

Sprint announced back in August that it would be hosting a “Strategy Update” meeting today, and the uncommon phrasing set our imaginations aflutter. Will it be about the iPhone? Well, we already know >>

Apple posts video of ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event

A record number of visitors dropped by BGR on Tuesday for our coverage of Apple’s press conference, but there’s nothing like seeing all the action for yourself. As such, Apple has posted video >>

Live from the Google Wallet press conference!

Google has been working on a mobile payment service for quite some time now, and the company is finally ready to take the wraps off of the first iteration of its contactless payment >>

Full video from Google’s Honeycomb event now available

Following Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb event on Wednesday, the Internet giant has made its full press conference available on YouTube. From start to finish, anxious Android fans can now relive all of the >>

Apple posts video from July 16th press conference

Apple has — surprisingsly — posted the complete video from today’s iPhone 4 antenna press conference. If you want to hear what you probably already have heard, straight from the horse’s mouth, hit up the read link >>

Verizon and Skype holding joint press conference at MWC

Today, Verizon Wireless announced that it will be holding a joint press conference with Skype at the Mobile World Congress on Tuesday the 16th. While no specific details have been released about what >>

Acer to launch smartphone on February 16

It’s long been rumored that Acer was going to be launching a smartphone sometime this year and not too long ago Acer indeed confirmed that it’s all set to show off the fruit >>