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Internal T-Mobile memo confirms the Sidekick LX 2009

The folks over at HipTop got their hands on an internal memo from a T-Mobile employee that confirms most of the rumors regarding the highly anticipated upcoming addition to the Sidekick line. According >>

Spec sheet for 3G T-Mobile Sidekick in the wild?

We can’t 100% verify the legitimacy of this bit of intel, but everything looks believable enough to warrant just a wee bit of excitement. The folks over at HipTop3 have uncovered what looks >>

Sidekick LX OTA walkthrough

Ok, chaps. We just got the much-awaited Sidekick LX OTA courtesy of the good folks over at Danger. And yes, it does record video! Aren’t you excited? We detailed a long list of >>

T-Mobile makes Sidekick LX update official

Doubt us? Never. That Sidekick LX update we told you about yesterday has just been made official. T-Mobile made the announcement today, promising a host of upgrades to existing LX users. The new OTA >>