If you were watching Sunday Night Football last night, you may have caught Verizon’s first TV spot for its LTE, 4G network. At the end of the spot — which stars an eager consumer getting a Verizon parcel containing a lighting bolt — the screen reads “Coming December 2010.” We’re fairly sure that VZW won’t flip the switch on its next generation network without a little press fanfare; expect to see a Verizon media event announcement in early to mid-December.

Also, Verizon quietly updated its website replacing the three-month old Motorola DROID 2 with the DROID 2 Global. The device is available for $199 with a signed two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate. The only announcement Verizon made was a small entry on its Facebook page touting the device’s ability to operating in over 220 countries — perhaps an effort not to insult those who purchased the original DROID 2?

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